Insurance Filing, Electronic Media Claims

Softactics Laboratory Billing Software enables you to review, file and monitor insurance claims, allowing for 5010 electronic media claims submission directly to the insurance carrier and/or clearinghouse and standard HCFA 1500 and UB-04 paper forms. Softactics assures its software to be HIPPA compliant and updated to meet edit requirement standards for electronic data interchange (EDI) transaction sets. Softactics also provides for 277CA report conversion to human readable format for immediate follow-up of claim errors. A filing history is stored on each claim submitted allowing for follow-up, review, and resubmission with ease of effort.

Demographic edits are established within the Billing System to check each service for missing demographic, claim information, correct coding initiatives, LCDs and NCDs prior to submission to insurance (claim scrubbing). Reports are available within the Billing System to generate specific patient/service information detailing these services for review. Refiling is enabled on a batch or individual DOS or specified charge basis.


















Softactics is AMAZING!!!

Josh Stevens
Mar 08, 2012

Why Softactics?

  • Provide highest level of professional medical billing service.
  • Competitive flat rate fees with no add-on costs.
  • Company developed and owned software.
  • Specializing in medical billing systems for more than 25 years.