Softactics, Inc. understands the ability to share data is crucial.   Softactics provides for the ability to accept billing data from any vendor or application in a variety of formats allowing billing information to be received or sent and processed in a timely manner.  We have implemented numerous individual interfaces with various Outside Information Systems, including systems developed both by site programmers and by vendors.  The types of interfaces used currently include import, on-line, on-line bi-directional, and export using a variety of formats such as: Outside Information System's standard and custom billing files and report files, files based on our own import/export file specifications and files based on HL7 protocol.

Reports are available within the billing system to monitor the interface information.  These reports can be generated with a complete listing of all transactions contained in the interface file or just those the system could not interpret or process.  Reports are available to monitor automatically processed transactions as well as transactions processed through the use of a temporary holding file.  Reports can be generated to monitor the information remaining in the temporary holding file to insure it is processed in a timely manner.

Softactics' experience and flexibility allow us to assist our clients in successfully implementing their interfaces and insure the interface linking the two systems will be implemented as timely and cost effectively as possible.
















Softactics is AMAZING!!!

Josh Stevens
Mar 08, 2012

Why Softactics?

  • Provide highest level of professional medical billing service.
  • Competitive flat rate fees with no add-on costs.
  • Company developed and owned software.
  • Specializing in medical billing systems for more than 25 years.