Billing System Reports

Softactics Billing System Reports enable you as a company to monitor your bottom dollar and track identified/suspected problems in a single glance.


Associated File/Set-Up Related Information

The reports generated here reflect information that is pertinent to the set-up and ongoing success of your billing system. All transactions entered during billing feed off the information contained in these reports. These reports can be viewed/printed to help monitor and maintain your individual billing system.


Detailed Transaction Related Reports

These reports generated for detailed transactions enable you to monitor processed transactions to assure all work has been completed accurately; they allow you to review and monitor account balances, insurance posting and follow-up, statement printing, delinquent account maintenance, and temporary services. Detailed management reports enable you to stay on top of your business workflow and finances.

 Account Activity

 Insurance Submittal

 Period Turn-Over Charges

 Account Charges

 Insurance Analysis

 Period Turned-Over Payments

 Client Activity

 Pre-Statement Review

 Temporary Services

 Daily Charges Posted

 Client Pre-Statement Review

 Detailed Revenue Production

 Daily Payments & Adjustments

 Delinquent Accounts Review

 Performing Doctor Production



 Detailed Workload Report


Financial / Statistical Reports

The Financial / Statistical Reports reflect summarized information without listing detailed transactions. They are typically generated at the end of a billing period for management review, but can be generated at any time for your use.

Financial Reports 

Statistical Reports 


 Insurance Carrier Aging

 Insurance Carrier Stats

 Payment / Adjustment Categories

 Account Aging

 Points of Service Stats

 Salesmen Production

 Revenue Production

 Diagnosis Stats

 Direct Client Billing

 Workload Report

 Outside Provider Stats

 Credit Balances

 Cost Analysis

 Revenue Site Stats

 Performing Doctor Production

 Expected Reimbursement

 Performing Doctor Stats

 Turned-Over Accounts

 Billing Summary

 Referring Doctor Stats


 Payment Summary

 Accounts Stats


 Price Comparison





In addition to the Standard Reports listed above, Softactics Laboratory Billing Software has available an ad-hoc reporting facility (QUERY). Query enables you to extract information quickly and easily from a file, and at the same time provides an efficient, powerful "ad-hoc" query facility for the programmer or advanced operator to confirm the contents of a file, or a group of related files, for reports, screen displays, mailing labels or disk data file.


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Mar 08, 2012

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