Standing Order System

The Standing Order System may be utilized as a stand alone system or as an integrated component of the Medical Billing System.

Softactics, Inc. offers the Standing Order System as an optional feature or as a standalone system. It allows you to process and maintain standing orders, which are routinely scheduled/performed services. If interfaced, the orders can be automatically sent to another information system in advance for pre-processing, specimen label printing, etc.

Traditionally, standing orders are used within a nursing home or laboratory environment, where patients are scheduled for routine services on set days and times, however, standing orders can apply in a variety of medical settings.  The Standing Order System allows you to specify all necessary information associated with a patient standing order including client, location, courier route, room number, referring/ordering doctor, interval, duration, start/end dates, diagnosis, services, priority, and special instructions.

Audit Sheets may be generated for a specific period to review of standing orders for accuracy and changes.  Draw Lists may be generated for distribution to phlebotomists/couriers for specific due dates and times, or for all or a single facility/courier route.  Special handling of home-based patients is also available.  All standing order reports are generated by client and /or courier routes.



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Mar 08, 2012

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